Marianne Kinde Psychotherapy
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Why have psychotherapy?

You may be seeking therapy because you feel that you are not coping with some aspects of your life, perhaps at work or in your relationships. Maybe you have lost a sense of purpose in your life or you are finding it hard to enjoy the things you used to enjoy. You may have experienced a upsetting or distressing event recently or in the past which makes you feel that your world has collapsed and you are struggling with everyday life.

You might be feeling that you want something to change in your life, or that you want to make sense of things that have happened to you.

Psychotherapy can also help if you are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety (including panic attacks), eating disorders or issues with body image, abuse (sexual, verbal or physical), bullying, low self esteem, loss and bereavement, relationship and intimacy issues, self-harming or suicidal thoughts. 

Psychotherapy gives a safe, non judgemental, place to be listened to at a regular time each week and with total confidentiality. It is a place where we can work together through the issues that are troubling you and the way they are affecting you in your life.

BACP accredited

Issues therapy can help with:

  • Depression, anxiety including panic attacks.
  • Distressing events.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Relationship and intimacy issues (including sexual issues and sexuality).
  • Eating disorders and body image.
  • Bereavement
  • Loss.
  • Stress
  • Self harm or suicidal thoughts.
  • Abuse: Physical, Emotional , Sexual.
  • Or you might feel you want something in your life to change, or you are wanting to make sense of things that have happened to you.